MVL Liquidations for Companies in the UK

Members Voluntary Liquidation for Simple Solvent Companies

MVL Online® – tax efficient members voluntary liquidation

If you’ve got a cash rich Ltd Co that you no longer require, an MVL can be a tax efficient way to get the closing funds into the shareholders hands.

For balances above £25k, an MVL is required instead of a strike off, to get capital gains tax (CGT) treatment.  CGT normally leads to lower tax bills than dividends (even more so since April 2016 due to dividend tax changes), but not always, so check with your accountant first.

If your company has 1-2 directors/shareholders, no liabilities, and the only asset is cash in the bank, MVL Online® can provide a formal MVL service direct to companies Nationwide for the low fixed fee of £995+VAT plus disbursements for advertising and bonding.  See our total MVL cost page for indicators of what the whole thing will likely cost.

As the name suggests, members voluntary liquidations are where shareholders (members) choose (voluntary) to put a company into liquidation. These are only suitable for solvent companies (assets > liabilities) so MVLs are distinct from insolvent liquidations (liabilities > assets) which leave debts unpaid.

Read our Process page for further details of what’s involved. Most of your role is complete very early on, then it’s a waiting game, firstly for your bank to transfer funds to us, then for HMRC to confirm they’re happy for the case to be closed.

See our Members Voluntary Liquidation FAQs for commonly asked questions, or contact us direct if anything isn’t covered.